1. Social Ride and ladies group

This is a steady ride for those who want to ride at a moderate pace. Speeds will vary according to the distance and route, the group will generally average around 12 mph. This is the ideal group for new riders.

The clue for this ride is its name. It is for members who want to ‘socialise’ while out on the bike. The ride will normally be 40 + miles in the summer and a little less in the winter months. The group will go at the speed of the slowest rider and regroup as necessary to keep everyone together. The ride is at a steady pace, with no accelerations on hills or stepping up of pace.

2. Intermediate group

The intermediate has developed to meet the needs of riders who are falling between the pace of Social and Training rides. The group is also known as the ‘endurance ride’ as it will often ride 100 plus miles on a Sunday in the summer. The group also attracts competition riders that require a steadier pace than that of the training group. As with the other groups the pace varies according to the distance and route, but generally average around 15 mph. This is also an ideal group for riders who take part in Sportive and Audax vents.

3. Training Ride

This is the ride for riders who are serious about racing and challenging Sportive events. Routes are more demanding and the pace is brisk with average speeds of between 16 to 18 mph, on flatter routes this can lift to 20 MPH plus. Hills and 30 MPH sign’s are viewed as an opportunity to race your fellow riders! The ride regroups momentarily at times, but is ideally a one stop ride. The return leg of the ride it is often every man for himself!