The club run was once the preserve of Sunday mornings. However, cycling’s popularity explosion in recent years has seen the Sundays only cycle ride consigned to the history books. A quick post on the clubs Face Book page will nearly always find other members willing to don the lycra  most days of the week.

Club members have now established six rides per week. Details of each ride can be accessed by selecting each of the ride option on the left.

The details of club runs are posted on the clubs ‘Chard Wheelers Upcoming Rides’ Facebook page. The ride details will normaly appear a day before the run. Note: You do require a Facebook account to access this information. 

it is important that the club provides guidance, therefore:

Ride do’s and don’ts

Riders should ride paired up, or in single file if on busy roads.
if able, all riders should try and take their turn at the front. New riders will quickly learn the energy saving gained through riding in a group, therefore, sharing the load is important.
Riders should maintain, not increase the pace when at the front.
Riders at the back of a group should try and maintain contact with the group. If this is proving to be difficult, call out for the group to slow down.
Should a ride breaks up, it must regroup and account for all its members.
The group will wait for any rider with a puncture or any other problem.

Young Riders

All riders under 18 must have completed a parental consent form to take part in any club activity, including club runs. Parents should have completed one of these in when joining the club.

Riders aged 13 and older may ride on the club run unaccompanied on the following understanding; they must listen to, and observe any instruction from a senior or experienced rider. Any instruction given will be for their safety and that of the group.

Riders aged under 13 years must be accompanied by a parent or designated adult on a club ride (a designated adult must have explicit written permission from a parent or guardian).

Apply common sense

Club runs take place on open roads and all riders regardless of age are responsible for their own safety and actions, all riders must strictly obey all traffic regulations when participating in club rides.